Young Wanderlust: Intriguing Millennial Travel Trends

“I was amazed by one thing in particular: Millennials may be traveling—which isn’t a foreign idea—but they’re doing it in totally new and unexpected ways.” 

This quote is from a fascinating article published at, one that shares how Millennials don’t see travel as something that they do. Rather, it’s something that they identify with as “citizens of the world,” doing so with an “enthusiastic desire to immerse ourselves in another place and return rejuvenated, inspired, and ready for our next adventure. We are travelers.”

If you are part of the Millennial generation, how do those statements resonate with you? If you’re not from this generation, but have loved ones who are, does this give you helpful insights into how they view their lives and the world at large? It does for us.
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Deeper Dive into Millennials and Travel

Depending upon a person’s budget, schedule, and interests, he or she may be traveling internationally or may be experiencing the United States in more depth. As Millennials, they likely perceive status in a different light from previous generations. In the past, the ability to buy designer clothing or a flashy new car, for example, might have been the end goal. Today, though, it can be about experiencing other cultures, to “soak up the very essence” of the places they visit. 

Millennials typically don’t want to go on huge tourist buses and eat at restaurants where only tourists seem to go. Instead, they want to experience local food and really immerse themselves in the experience. In fact, this generation is changing the way in which dining itself is perceived

Finding out information about places to visit is easier than ever before because of the internet, and Millennials as a whole are a tech-savvy generation. To grab their attention, travel venues often need to be unique and compelling, rather than simply commercialized brands. 

Using 2015 data, we know that 75 percent of people in the United States took some form of a vacation that year. When looking only at Millennials, the number increased to 82 percent. An increase of “just” 7 percent may not seem like a lot, until you consider that the 2015 U.S. Census shows how there were 75.4 million Millennials in the country, making the increase a whole lot bigger in that scope.

Research also shows that Millennials are inspired by what they can learn on social media when it comes to travel, with 97 percent of this generation sharing their travel experiences (good, bad or indifferent) on their social media channels.
While they’re on vacation, 86 percent of them want to experience a new culture, clearly backing up what the article had to say, and 78 percent of them hope to learn new things during their travel wanderlust. In contrast, only 44 percent want to party, and 28 percent want to shop.

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