Is Your Diet SAD?

Your diet is S.A.D. — As in the Standard American Diet (SAD) and it’s shifting further and further away from nutrient-dense foods that provide your body with everything it needs to function properly. High-quality animal protein and vegetables are becoming less and less available resulting in a widespread epidemic. Your S.A.D. diet is possibly causing DNA damage, premature aging, resulting in chronic diseases, and hurting your overall performance. That’s why supplementation is so important!

5 Reasons You Should Take SupplementsAnd if that does not convince you, here are 5 other reasons you need to start supplementing your diet:

Your Standard American Diet

Processed and hyper-processed foods which were invented for soldiers during World War II, where they didn’t have access to refrigerators and cooking equipment, soon became a common household convenience for housewives that were “too busy to cook….” (thanks Madison Avenue).

While frozen dinners, boxed cereals, and other processed foods make it easy to live on the go, they contribute to new generations of individuals who are dealing with health issues that they shouldn’t be given their age. According to the Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences, “Ailments like Obesity, food poisoning, dehydration, cardiac problems, diabetes mellitus, and arthritis have seen a profound rise…and such unhealthy junk food, processed food, high fat calorie consumption are the notable factors to its contribution.” The truth is, these nutrient deficiencies are hurting you. 

Soil and Water Depletion

Did you know that most modern fruits and vegetables are grown to increase their sugar content, not their nutrient value. As a result, the most common fruits and vegetables are artificially high in fructose and lower in key nutrients. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health found copper levels in the UK have dropped 90% in dairy, 55% in meat, and 76% in vegetables. Copper is an essential nutrient that helps to regulate several pathways in the body, including energy production and brain function.

Water has also been a bit beat up and lacks important minerals due to modern production methods. Tap and bottle water couldn’t be more different in their mineral offerings, with tap water usually having more. According to Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey, “The filtration of precious minerals from water could explain why people who drink water higher in calcium than magnesium develop more myocardial infarcts and ischemic heart disease.”

Non-organic = Low-Nutrients

Non-organic, pesticide-treated vegetables are lower in cancer-fighting polyphenols than organic ones. This is because the plant produces polyphenols as a defense against bugs and pathogens. When there is no reason to defend themselves, the plant stops producing polyphenols and your body and brain suffer the consequences.

The scariest part? The studies keep rolling in and we still don’t know all of the long lasting effects of many chemicals that are used in farming but it’s safe to avoid GMO foods for a variety of other reasons.

Yes, organic foods are most times more expensive and depending on where you live, might even be hard to come by. But even buying organic isn’t guaranteed to be better.

The Older You Get the Less You Absorb

In general drug absorption, distribution in the body, activity, metabolism and excretion can all change as a result of ageing. As kids, we need to absorb nutrients to help us grow and as we age, we need them because of our declined ability to properly absorb them. Digestive enzyme production naturally declines and supplementing this helps us get all the nutrients we can from our foods. Medications can also cause malabsorption which means we need to take in more nutrients and in the most absorbable form possible.

Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs

Just like a high performance vehicle (or any vehicle for that matter), our body needs to be ‘fueled’ in order to run properly. Many people think exercise if the key to a long life. “Feeling the burn” and “burning the fat” are terms commonly used in exercise because you’re literally increasing the rate at which your body “burns” through your nutrients and energy sources. Supplementing to support your increased activity is a crucial part of staying fit and living longer.

If supplements can buy you a few more years of quality life, why not take them?

Would it be ideal to get all of your nutrients from the cheeseburger you’re getting from your local fast-food joint, or the plate of veggies you just prepared in your kitchen? Sure, but the idea that you can get all your nutrients from food is impossible. Soil and water depletion, food and environmental toxins, poor absorption, pesticides, exercise, and lack of calories can all cause nutrient deficiencies. We take a diet first, supplementation second approach, due to studies that support the idea that nutrients are best coming from your food. However, it’s rarely enough anymore.

If you’re after a longer life, supplementation is a great start. Relying on the guy driving the tractor, the bigwigs at grocery store chains, or even the ingredient panel on the back of your protein bar is not a fail-safe when it comes to compromised health. So do I supplement? I sure do and I have my favorites. I look for supplements that focus on improving not only my gut health but my mental wellness (stress, mood, tension, brain fog) and my physical health (inflammation, immune system, tissue repair). The core supplement I use was named Best New Product in 2018.






















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