Shocking…Healthier Eating Habits Make a Healthier You

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or trying to make meals cost-effective for a family of four, planning your meals and making shopping lists to support those meals (AKA meal prep) isn’t just for bodybuilders. Setting aside a few hours on a Sunday is all it takes to take the guesswork out of what to feed you and your family. Having your meal planned, in the correct portion size, and ready for when mealtime comes around is one way to make sure that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet.

The key to meal prep is to have a core ingredient such as your protein (chicken, beef, fish) and to cook a large amount to accompany the smaller sides you’ll put it with throughout the week. Add some ease into your meal prep by cutting up and bagging raw veggies such as carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, or whatever you’re craving at the moment. (Craving veggies…sounds crazy, right? Crazier things have happened!)

We like to take meal prep a step further and plan out our supplementation. Having our protein powder portioned out for meal replacement throughout the week and having our digestive enzymes, probiotics, and anything else we’re taking at the time ready to go.

This may seem like an unnecessary step but when you have an extra 30 minutes or more to your day, you’ll be thanking us. Cooking every single night is daunting and is the ultimate time thief!

So, after all this work on a Sunday evening, what can you expect?

Having your meals prepped and on hand means you don’t have to make any emergency trips to your nearest fast-food joint! By taking control of your portion size AND the food choices, you’re saving time and your waistline!

In a perfect world, our metabolisms are so efficient that we are a fat burning machine 24/7. In the real world, we do this by making sure we have healthy snacks at hand when those hunger pains start to make you feel like your stomach is eating itself! Snacking at the right times with the right foods to nourish your body prevent it from falling into a catabolic state, which can result in the loss of lean muscle mass and really messes with your metabolic rate!

“But eating healthy is so EXPENSIVE!!!” You probably hear this one a LOT! But the truth is, if you’re planning and prepping your meals, you’re saving money. Skip the triple iced lattes and fast-food salads covered in croutons and pocket that $15. But the end of the week you’ll have saved $75, which is enough to a gym membership, a new top, and maybe even a massage each month.

Bottom line?

Your health begins with better food choices. Planning ahead saves more than time and money. It just might save your life. So give meal prep a try and you might find that giving up on your favorite, but unhealthy favorites, might be the best decision you ever make for yourself.

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