Digestive Health Supplementation for Better Travel Experiences

When you travel, you want to be at your best, including your gut health. Here’s more about prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and healthy energy drinks.  Prebiotics You can think of prebiotics, also known as fermentable or functional fibers, as fuel that feeds the bacteria in your gut—and the presence of prebiotics is what allows probiotics … Read more

Can Stress Cause Crohn’s Disease? No, But Stress Management Helps

iscover how stress management techniques can help you manage Crohn’s symptoms during flare-ups, and read emerging evidence about Crohn’s and the gut-brain axis.  Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease, one that can affect any part of your digestive system, but more typically affects your large intestine (colon) and/or small intestine. Symptoms tend … Read more

Traveling With Supplements: What’s Important for You to Know?

Toothbrush packed? Check. Enough pairs of underwear? Yep! Deodorant . . . you get the picture. But, what about traveling with supplements? What should you pack? Ask ten of your friends and you’ll get a dozen answers—or maybe more. That’s because, like anything else, different supplements are go-to choices for different people. So, to help … Read more

Are Essential Oils Snake Oil? Here’s Your Essential Oils Guide

Essential oils are highly concentrated distilled plant material. They’re used to heal, for aromatic soothing and more. Find more information in this guide. Essential oils are the chemicals that give each plant its specific odor and flavor, and it takes massive amounts of plant material to make these oils. It takes 220 pounds, for example, … Read more